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 Total Game Control

 In-Depth Features

Total Game Control has many advanced features you won't find anywhere else.

  • Auto-detect mode when defining a control. This makes setup fast and easy. Simply press or move the device controls you want to be the trigger for the control you're defining.
  • Define any number of device inputs to trigger a control event. This means you can set up a device control (button, axis, D-pad, etc.) to be a 'shift' modifier. For instance, you might define a control to trigger with button 1. You can re-use button 1 by defining a control to trigger when buttons 9 and 1 are pressed. This way when you press button 9 first, and then 1, the 2nd control will be triggered but not the first. Conversely, if you press button 1 first, the 1st control will trigger, and remain triggered until released. Then if you press button 9, the 2nd control is triggered while the 1st control remains triggered. Sometimes this is desirable. The order of events is up to you.
  • When replaying a multi-key control, you have the option to define that all keys should be held down while the trigger (say a button on your game pad or joystick) is held down, or that the keys should be replayed in succession (pressed and released). When replaying a multi-key control in succession, you have complete control over key hold and release times. This makes it possible to replay even 'sensitive' game maneuvers in games where this is required. The Adrenaline special power-up in Unreal Tournament is a good example.
  • The ability to insert specific pauses between keys of a multi-key control and override the key release time used for the entire control.
  • The ability to auto-repeat a control for as long as it is triggered. This works just like the key repeat on your keyboard. You define the initial delay (if any) before the repeat kicks in, and the speed at which the control repeats. Control replay adheres to the key press and release timing rules you define (if any). For games that don't automatically give you auto-fire, this feature can give you a serious advantage!
  • Complete control over the mouse. You can map mouse movement, including the mouse wheel, to any D-pad, analog, or digital stick. Map left, middle, and right mouse buttons. See the screen shots page to view the mouse setup tab.
  • Set up a control to enable or disable the mouse controls so that you can re-use the same device controls.
  • Game profiles can be copied and renamed, and individual control definitions can be copied between profiles.
  • The ability to start Total Game Control when you log on or when the computer starts up. No manual startup required (if desired).
  • The ability to start Total Game Control minimized in the system tray.
  • Optional command line processing for selection of profiles and other functions.
  • Detailed tool-tip help. Simply move the mouse over the item you would like to see help on.
  • In-depth electronic help in HTML Help format (indexed and searchable).


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 How do I use it with my Game?

Using Total Game Control couldn't be easier. Just install it, and run it. You'll know it's active by its icon in the system tray area (usually the bottom right corner of Windows), but you'll never notice it's running. To start using it with your game, follow these simple steps:

  1. Set your game to keyboard input mode. Then switch to Total Game Control and do the following:
  2. Create a new profile for your game. Usually you'll want to name it after your game (e.g. "Unreal Tournament 2004").
  3. Associate the profile with your game device by selecting it on the "Device" tab.
  4. Create a control for each key (or keys) you want to map to your gaming device (refer to your game documentation for keyboard control settings).

That's it! Everything is saved automatically. Just switch back to your game and start using the new control setup you defined. And remember, Total Game Control has in-depth electronic help. Just click the help button if you want to learn more!

There are many advanced features you may want to take advantage of in your game. See the included help for more information.

 First Person Shooters: Suggested Use from the Author

A large number of Total Game Control users play first-person shooters, and want the added control that it offers. As the author of the software and a gamer, I do too! I've been refining Total Game Control over the years, and play-testing it every step of the way. Here's how I use my own software:

  • For aiming and shooting, the mouse is the finest input device available. So how does one use Total Game Control in a first-person setting? Simple: you're already using two hands to control the game (one on the mouse and the other on the keyboard) - just switch the keyboard hand to a game device such as a game pad. Personally, I use a game pad, and rest it on my lap. It's fairly easy to get used to, and it let's me really kick butt over a keyboard player!
  • Just as the mouse is the finest aiming device, in my opinion the D-pad is the finest movement/strafing device, so I map the D-pad to movement.
  • Next I map the buttons that I can reach to the most critical controls such as crouching and jumping.
  • I set up another button as a shift modifier so that I can re-use those same buttons for other things.
  • Finally, I'll map that easy-to-hit analog axis to a favorite weapon or two. I can switch weapons in a mid-air flip and come down shooting! And I can do it every time with ease.
  • I can also kick into supercharged mode with a quick flick of my thumb. This sort of thing usually requires a multi-key combination with fairly exact timing, but it's all mapped to a single control on my game pad.

What more can I say? Keyboard players don't stand a chance!


Some people have asked,

"Why should I buy Total Game Control? I mean, my game controller came with profiling software."


"I have a PS2 controller, but I could buy a $10 pad and get free software with it. I don't have to spend what you're asking for this software."

Not that we're asking much for the software, but there is one simple answer to these questions: Dare to compare. You'll find the competition extremely lacking in comparison. You will not find a more powerful gaming application than Total Game Control. Its features and easy-to-use interface are unmatched. If you really want that gaming edge, then this is it.

If you're still not quite convinced, then here's the reason you just can't argue with:

Buy once and get software that will work with any game device you throw at it. The freebies that come with hardware are tied to that particular piece of hardware. With Total Game Control, you're guaranteed to be able to keep using the software you're familiar with far after one hardware manufacturer or another goes out of business. Case in point: the Microsoft Sidewinder game pad; good profiling software, but it only worked with the Sidewinder and only under 9x Windows. It's a good thing Total Game Control works with the Sidewinder without a problem!

Get Total Game Control and start dominating those games today!

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click here for the Total Game Control FAQ

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