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 Total Game Control v3.7

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The tool of serious gamers everywhere. This IS the gamer's edge!

Total Game Control gives you exactly that - the ultimate control over your games. It works by mapping keyboard, mouse, and other events of your choosing to the controls on your game pad or joystick. You set up the controls the way you want. Tie complex moves to a single button, or map them to any combination of controls.

It even works with console game pads such as Sony Playstation®, PS2, Gamecube, XBox, etc. when connected through a PC adapter.

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Total Game Control is packed with all of the features you need! No other application even comes close to the features and ease of use that Total Game Control offers.

Let's face it. In fierce combat or sports action, every edge you can get helps. Welcome to the next level. Total Game Control gives you that edge. No more time-consuming key searching or fumbling with the right key combination and/or timing. Get Total Game Control and start kicking some serious butt!

If your gaming thing is more like the platformer, then Total Game Control is definitely for you as well. Got a difficult maneuver you'd like to make easy? Maybe a hard-to-hit diagonal at exactly the right time? No problem. Map it with Total Game Control and make even difficult moves easy.

  • Finally, one game profiler for all gaming devices (pads, joysticks, wheels, etc.)! Works with any DirectX compatible gaming device (virtually all of them).
  • Works with any game or application that accepts keyboard input.
  • Easy to use interface!
  • No device drivers required - Total Game Control installs to its own directory on your hard drive.
  • Set up control combinations - your control options aren't limited to the number of buttons on your controller.
  • Generate keystrokes (and other events) from any control or controls on your gaming device, such as D-pads, analog or digital axis, sliders, buttons, or anything else your device has to offer.
  • Configure keyboard key presses, mouse buttons, mouse movement, and system events such as volume and web browser control.*
  • Will map all of the keys on a standard keyboard. Distinguish between left & right keys (alt, shift, ctrl, windows).
  • Full control over playback timing.
  • Enable auto-repeat if desired, with full control over timing.
  • Run multiple instances of the application to enable multiple, simultaneous users on the same system using different controllers.
  • The included Shortcut Enhancer utility makes using Total Game Control with your games a single operation.
  • Written by a gamer for serious gaming. The author uses his own software.
  • Comes with many example profiles.
  • Works with other applications, not just games. Makes a great remote control! Perfect for DVD software control (comes with profiles for WinDVD and PowerDVD).
  • Control your entire desktop! Configure mouse controls and run just about anything.
  • Heavy-duty encrypted profile storage is suitable for password storage and playback.

* Volume and web browser controls require Windows 2000, XP or higher.

There's a lot more to this great little program!

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 System Requirements

Total Game Control works with the following:

  • Microsoft Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP, XP X64, Vista, and 7.
  • DirectX® 8.0a or later (not included).
  • A DirectX compatible game device (virtually all of them, including Xbox 360 and Nostromo speedpad).

Most games install DirectX for you. However, if you don't have it and need it, click here to download it from Microsoft.


"The improvement this utility makes in game enjoyment is absolutely amazing." - Bob Mandel

Read Bob's product review on The Adrenaline Vault

"Love your program and it got my 2 playstation controllers to work in windows! Very user friendly." - Rolf Versluis

"Excellent utility. It should be a windows standard. There are probably thousands of frustrated gamers needing this gem of a program." - Doug Powell

"Great software! A must for gamepad lovers!" - M. B.

"Great software. A HTPC users dream." - J. H.

"This product really does fill a void in pc gaming arena." - J. W.

"The Logitech software only supports one controller so I had to have yours." - S. B.

"Excellent software. Makes very good use of my gamepad's dual sticks and D-Pad." - J. S.

"I'd like to say your Total Game Control ROCKS!!!!" - ThE_GuN

"Your software allows Nostromo speedpads to be remapped under Windows Vista."

"I am now running Windows Vista Business and I have been testing all my games on it and your software is working flawlessly. So thanks again. Your software rocks."

5 star award on softdll.com Click to view Total Game Control on BrotherSoft 5 star award on Download3000 Get it from CNET Download.com!
100% clean award from FindMyStuff.com 100% clean award on Softpedia Click to view antivirus report
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