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The control tab shows all of the controls defined for the currently selected profile.

Create, edit, and delete the profile controls here. You can also copy controls between profiles with the Copy and Paste features, and re-order controls in the list with the arrow buttons.

Create or edit your controls.
Set up mouse controls if desired, or leave them undefined if you won't be using them in the current profile.

After creating a new profile, select the device you want to use with it. The proper device is automatically selected when the profile is selected.

This tab is most useful for pressing the "Refresh Device List" button to automatically recognize and select your device after plugging it in.

Some nice features.
The included Shortcut Enhancer utility makes using Total Game Control with your game a single operation. Modify any shortcut (menu item, desktop icon, quicklaunch icon, etc.) so that launching it by the shortcut also starts Total Game Control and selects one or more profiles required to control your game.

Last updated Mar. 14, 2011

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